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Search and Rescue in Malta
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The Malta SAR Training Centre (SARTC) is modeled on the United States Coast Guard's own SAR School, which is widely accepted to be the world's premier source for Search and Rescue (SAR) training as well as being on the cutting edge of applying new technologies to SAR. The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) and United States Coast Guard teaching staff draw on many years of operational experience in order to provide comprehensive training in oceanic and coastal search planning procedures to SAR professionals from the AFM and international SAR services.

Centre's Facilities
Facilities at the Centre have been designed specifically to take full advantage of the latest developments in technology and give the SAR Centre the best possible amenities for the running of specialised courses. The Centre has a state-of-the-art projection system connected to a system running the Search and Rescue Personal Computer (SAR PC) programme. The system is used to demonstrate the Joint Automated Work Sheets and general command and control techniques currently used in computer-based Operations and Command and Control Centres. It also allows the graphical depiction of case studies in order to allow maximum learning benefit as well as permitting graphical debriefs of all exercises run by the Centre.

In order to make the learning process interesting and realistic, the Centre has been equipped with six simulated Operations Centres or better still Simulators, allowing students to practice real-time search planning techniques and exercise the running of SAR cases in a life-like, stress-filled environment. Each simulator is equipped with two computers, telephones, a chart table, and reference publications. Students can be faced with a variety of training scenarios designed by the staff to highlight particular issues that lead to the use of specialised techniques. An audio-visual monitoring system enables SAR TC staff to monitor each simulator individually during exercises and training. The subsequent debriefings allow all students to take away the maximum learning value from each and every scenario. These facilities ensure that personnel attending the Centre receive the most up to date, real world training available.

Location and Facilities
The Centre is based in Safi Barracks, which also houses the AFM's logistical support facilities. The premises are newly refurbished to a high standard with all the administrative facilities necessary for the smooth running of the academic activities. The Barracks themselves offer catering facilities during training hours.

Foreign students may reside in a hotel designated by the Centre at a specially organised price or, should they wish, may reside in any of the wide variety of hotel accommodation available on the island. This varies from the standard 3-star bed-and-breakfast to luxury 5-star establishments.

Malta International Airport has excellent international connections, which should make arriving from the island from almost any destination trouble-free. Transport from and to the airport on arrival or departure as well as transit to and from the Centre to the designated hotel on a daily basis, will be provided by the Centre itself.


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